TV Packages to fit your needs.

Local support.

As your local communications provider, we live and work alongside you - and that local customer service is something our competitors can't offer. We are able to give our members personal attention, faster response times and state-of-the-art technology at a fair price.

Money back.

We are owned by those we serve. Each year you will receive a Capital Credit Account Statement highlighting your capital credits that have been allocated. The balance on your statement is yours and over time this money will be paid to you!


Unlimited fiber optic expansion.

Fiber networks are said to be "future proof." Farmers Mutual Telephone and Federated Telephone both have a complete Fiber-to-the-Premise network. Fiber optics carry voice, video and data signals at speeds as much as 20 times faster than copper cables. Fiber optic cables are lighter in weight, more flexible and less vulnerable to glitches or interference. Using laser generated pulses of light, fiber provides clearer phone conversations and TV signals along with quicker Internet transmissions.

Fair pricing for all.

As a cooperative we strive to treat all members equally. We may not offer huge discounts off your first year of service like the big guys but that's because we want to give all members the best deal possible EVERY DAY!

TV Channel Guide - Federated Telephone Cooperative

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Farmers Mutual Telephone Company

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Farmers Mutual Telephone Company

Federated Telephone Cooperative

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