SecureIT Plus is now available for only $5.95 per computer a month!

Is your computer safe from spyware, viruses, and worms?

Think again! 80% of computer users are not aware that they have spyware programs on their computer and 63% of computer users have experienced at least one problem associated with sypware or viruses in the past year.

SecureIT Plus provides the only fully automated and guaranteed computer protection service designed for your home or small business.

With SecureIT Plus you’ll never have to think about Internet Security again!

SecureIT Plus Features

SecureIT Plus firewall protection offers the ability to allow or deny traffic through
specific programs.

SecureIT Plus anti-virus protection will check for updates on an hourly basis to
make sure the computer is as protected as possible.

Spyware is a general term for a program that secretly monitors your actions.
SecureIT Plus uses a three phase approach to protect your computer from
spyware. Technology is in place to stop spyware from infiltrating your computer,
to detect in real-time any malicious activity. In addition, SecureIT Plus has a fully
customizable Internet Explorer pop-up blocker to minimize those annoying
pop-up ads and displays, saving both time and bandwidth.

System and disk maintenance is often one of the most overlooked tasks and is a
leading cause of poor performance and instability issues. SecureIT Plus uses
defragmentation software to provide ongoing maintenance by optimizing file
storage and disk defragmentation for faster PC performance.

One particularly important element of maintaining a secure and reliable computer
is staying up to date on critical software patches. SecureIT Plus patch
management provides a daily assessment of missing critical patches for
Microsoft Operating Systems and automatically applies them after rigorous
testing to ensure continued protection.

The Parental Controls feature assists you in
managing the amount of time your family can spend
on the Internet and helps you protect them from
undesirable content that could ultimately prove
harmful. This solution provides the following key
elements to ensure the protection you need: Internet
Content Filtering, Internet Access Controls, Time
Management Controls, Monitoring/Reporting,
Automatic Updates, and Whitelist mode.

To increase the value of the service, SecureIT Plus
has developed a unique online reporting application
that allows you to view vital computer protection
statistics throughout the life of your subscription.
These detailed reports show you information such
as the number of viruses your computer has been
protected from and the number of updates that have
been applied.

Get help all day, every day. Call SecureIT Plus Technical Support at 1-877-373-3320

$5.95 per month

A Fresh Start Installation Fee of $34.95 also applies.

Installation includes: Verify and establish a connection, check/verify system requirements, look for and remove previous antivirus software, check for infections/malicious software (Terminate any running processes that are in our active spyware/virus list and identify hidden and high risk software, remove malicious software and threats, scan the computer’s memory and hard drive for any further security threats and advise you on how to avoid future infections), remove any unnecessary start-up items for better performance of the PC after restart, install SecureIT and ensure all components are updated and running (Apply any Windows critical patches).

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