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12 Month Service Agreement

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9 Month Service Agreement (Available for students with a valid student ID)

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Happy Home

$79.95per month (+taxes & surcharges)

  • 100M/100M Internet
  • Local Phone + Calling Features
  • Home Integrated Wi-Fi

Happy Home Internet Only

$84.95per month (no taxes/surcharges)

  • 100M/100M Internet
  • Home Integrated Wi-Fi

Simply Basic TV

$32.95per month

  • Channels 2-22
  • No set top box required.

Basic TV

$71.95per month (+taxes & surcharges)

  • Channels 2-59. (Includes Simply Basic)
  • No set top box required.

Local Phone

$22.50per month (+taxes & surcharges)

  • Includes Calling Features**
  • Solutions Long Distance (3 Options Available)
  • -

Connected Home

$69.95per month (+taxes & surcharges)

  • 25M/25M Internet
  • Local Phone + Calling Features
  • Home Integrated Wi-Fi

10M/10M Internet

$59.95per month (no taxes/surcharges)

  • 10M/10M Internet

20M/20M Internet

$69.95per month (no taxes/surcharges)

  • 20M/20M Internet

Calling Features (Included in all bundles)

Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
8# Speed Dial
Three-Way Calling
Caller ID
Premium Voice Mail

Solutions Long Distance Options

Option 1: $0.10 per minute
Option 2: 350 Minutes at $26.95 per month
Option 3: Unlimited** $36.95 per month

300M/300M HSD starting at $124.95 

Pricing is for residential subscribers only. Prices and Packages subject to change. Prices do NOT include taxes, surcharges and activation fees, if applicable.

* Data caps apply to all Internet Packages. User agrees to a combined data usage limit of 500 gigabytes per month for all Internet packages except the Happy Home which has a data usage limit of 1 Terabyte. Data usage, also known as bandwidth usage, is the total amount of data, photos, videos and other files that are sent, received, downloaded and uploaded each month. Users who exceed the monthly consumption limit will be assessed a fee for the overage exceeding the 500 gigabyte limit. The fee is $10.00 for each 50 gigabytes over the limit.. Ex) 1-50 gigabytes over would be equal to $10.

** Federated's Unlimited Long Distance plan is designed for one (1) residential phone line. The plan covers direct dialed local and nationwide voice calls within the United States - including Alaska and Hawaii. The plan does not include commercial use, 900 calls, 800 services, International Calls, Directory Assistance, Operator Assistance, multi-line conference calls, data (including dial up internet connections), chat lines, multi-housing units or any other special Operator Handled calls. Commercial facsimilie, auto-redialing, resale and telemarketing are also strictly prohibited. Residential customer voice usage is classified as using 3000 minutes or less per month of long distance calling. Usage may be monitored and customer may be required to show compliance. Federated Telephone reserves the right to immediately suspend, restrict, bill excessive usage charges or cancel your service without prior notice if your usage is not consistent with typical residential customer usage. Additional regulatory charges and taxes may apply. Regulations and rates are subject to change. Federated Telephone reserves the right to discontinue the plan at its sole discretion with due notice to the customer. Customer must retain all elements of bundle to qualify for package pricing.