Advanced Communications in Rural America

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With a shared vision of enhancing lives through communication, entertainment and smart services, we created Acira – bringing state of the art technology to our communities, with the stability of our very own local cooperatives. Acira stands for Advanced Communications in Rural America. It is a collaboration between Farmers Mutual Telephone Company and Federated Telephone Cooperative.

In 2009, the employees from both cooperatives were combined into one employee group. All employees are employed by Acira and perform work for both Farmers Mutual Telephone Company and Federated Telephone Cooperative.

In the Acira employee group, both cooperatives are able to have a more extended range of technology and communication experts. It is a close knit team that works hard to make sure our members have an outstanding service experience.

By having one employee group, it also gives members three office locations ready and able to serve members with any questions or communication needs they may have. When a member calls into any of the Farmers Mutual or Federated Telephone office numbers, the call is delivered to the next available representative. Since all Customer Service Reps work for both cooperatives, our members experience little to no waiting on hold which is a great benefit to all our members.

During a Board retreat in July 2013 and during focused discussions at monthly board meetings, the Boards of Farmers Mutual and Federated Telephone approved using Acira powered by Farmers Mutual Telephone and Federated Telephone Cooperative in our marketing efforts.

Over the next few months you will begin to see some service vehicles changed over to have the Acira logo. This is for our members’ safety and assurance that if a service vehicle needs to come to your home or business, you know that they are an Acira employee. Our technicians work in all service territories so having the Acira logo lets members know that they are valid employees. The Farmers Mutual and Federated Telephone name will continue to be on the trucks as well.