Powered by Farmers Mutual Telephone Company and Federated Telephone Cooperative, ACIRA stands for Advanced Communications in Rural America.

In 2009, the employees of Farmers Mutual and Federated Telephone were combined into one employee group. All employees are now employed by ACIRA and perform work for both Farmers and Federated.

In 2010, Farmers Mutual and Federated Telephone both received stimulus grant/loan packages from the federal government to construct fiber optic networks in Lac Qui Parle County, rural Appleton and rural Morris.

While other companies are downsizing employees, Acira has expanded. We now employ 24 industry experts.

Through this collaborative effort, both cooperatives are able to benefit from a more extended range of technology and communication experts. We are a close knit team that works hard to make sure our members have an outstanding service experience.

Today we still offer phone and cable TV services, but our Internet services have improved from the original dial up offering to High Speed options ranging from a 1.5M to a 100M symmetrical private connection over our fiber fast network.

Our fiber ring allows our cooperatives to bring advanced communications right to your home or office.

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