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Federated Telephone has been awarded a Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant from the State of Minnesota. With a goal of ensuring homes, schools, hospitals and businesses in the State of Minnesota have access to the technology and information resources they need, the Office of Broadband Development was tasked with overseeing and establishing the $20 Million Border-to-Border Grant Program.

Through this program, Federated Telephone will receive up to $3.9 Million in grant dollars, and will provide a minimum 51% match in funding to build out underserved areas of Big Stone County. Federated will be working with Big Stone County to secure the funding for the match. Big Stone County has worked together with Federated to make it possible for Federated to apply and receive the State Grant.

Construction of the new Fiber-to-the-Premise network will begin in the fall of 2015 for most areas of Big Stone County. Underserved areas are defined as those areas who do not have access to a wireline Internet connection of 4Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Areas within Big Stone County that have been identified as sufficiently served and do not qualify for construction funding under the terms of the Border-to-Border Grant are the Clinton, Graceville and Ortonville communities. This project will add 341 square miles to Federated’s service territory which will grow the total square miles served to 1,417.

Consumers are familiar with the terms “cable modem” and “digital subscriber line” (DSL); but the highest quality and fastest connection is provided with Fiber-to-the-Premise technology. Farmers Mutual & Federated Telephone have invested in the communities they serve and constructed a complete fiber network for their members. Readers who are familiar with telecommunication services may be wondering if they are reading this correctly - that residents in rural west central Minnesota have access to this superior technology. The answer is yes! Our members have a technology that is second to none.

Nationwide, telecommunication consumers are demanding higher speed access to the Internet. However, the download speed isn’t the only exciting part of having a fiber Internet connection, upload speeds are a very important part of Internet usage as well. Upload speeds are the speeds at which you can upload information to the Internet. If you use Skype, Facetime, online gaming, picture sharing or online computer back up sites, then upload speeds are a key part of your Internet experience. When residents bundle their phone and Internet with Farmers Mutual & Federated Telephone, they receive 20M symmetrical fiber fast Internet speeds.

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